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Bail Bondsman

When someone has been arrested in Las Vegas, finding a reputable bail bondsman to post a bail bond is the first step of the detainee getting out of jail. Whether innocent or guilty, when a friend or family member is accused of a crime, the initial thought is to help in any way possible.

In some cases, the arrested defendant himself may even be the one to request the services of a bond agency. However, it is wise to first understand exactly what the process entails and what to look for when hiring a trustworthy bail bondsman.


Contact a reputable bail bond company in Las Vegas

Contact a reputable bail bond company in Las Vegas

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A bondsman is a person or establishment that will post bail for the jail release of an arrested person being accused by the courts of a wrong doing. The bail agent offers a cash or property bond to the courts in pledge that the defendant will attend all of the required court hearings.

Are some bail bondsman cheaper than others? It is best to avoid bail agencies that charge less than the state law percentage rate because of possible dishonestly. A trustworthy person who provides bond surety will always present easy finance payments to customers.

Order for release of prisoner on a bail bond

Order for release of prisoner on a bail bond

How Does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas Work?

Posting Bail permits an arrested defendant charged with a criminal offense to remain free previous to their court date. When a Bail Bondsman in Las Vegas is hired, a bond check is issued to the court for the total bail amount. The court never cashes it unless the accused defendant fails to show up for scheduled court appearances.

  • What is a co-signor and their responsibilities? The co-signer in Las Vegas is someone who accepts full responsibility for repaying the entire bail amount and fees if the defendant should vanish. Even though an arrest warrant will be issued by the court, if it is not resolved quickly, all money owed to the bail agency is the responsibility of the co-signer, including any attempted fugitive recovery fees.
  • What is collateral and why is it needed? In some cases, when the bail is set high, collateral has to be put up for part of a Bail Bond in Las Vegas. For example, 10% of the complete bail amount has to be paid up front and is not refundable, but the remaining amount must be presented to the bondsman in a form of collateral as a guarantee that the defendant will not disappear and jump bail. Bail agencies will accept collateral of various forms, as well as vehicle titles, mortgage deeds and credit card payments. These security payments are returned provided the defendant shows up for the court hearing.
  • What happens to the co-signor if the defendant misses the court appearance? The co-signer is held responsible for all of the fees and bail loan. The co-signer also loses the collateral put up for bail. On the other hand, the defendant is usually given at least one chance to re-schedule for a new court date.

Options for Getting out of Las Vegas Jail

  • Pay Full Bail Amount to the Detention Center Directly – The Bail Amount is set by the Court and can be thousands of dollars. If the defendant has the amount on hand, it can be paid directly to the jail by a friend or family member.
  • Pay Only 15% of the Full Bail Amount by using a Bail Bond Company – In Las Vegas, the state set fee is always 15%. If the amount charged is less than 15%, the bondsman is most likely an unlicensed agent.
  • Hire an Attorney or Legal Representation – for a fee, a criminal defense lawyer can help with the process of being released from a detention facility.
Man gets released on a bail bond is greeted by his family

Man gets released on a bail bond is greeted by his family

How Long does it usually take to be Released from Jail?

In Las Vegas, it is possible for a bail agent to have the bail bond ready in a matter of a few hours. Once the Bail Bond in Las Vegas is posted, it usually takes from 4 to 12 or more hours for the criminal defendant to be released.